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Military Watches

Tough and reliable

Explore our vast range of military watches made to withstand extreme temperatures, pressure, dust and water, a companion you can rely on even on the toughest missions.


Discover the latest Luminox collection of robust timepieces of unbeatable quality. Engineered with reliability in mind, our watches are the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts who crave adventure. Trust our Luminox watches to perform flawlessly, even in the harshest conditions!


Designed with reliability and unbeatable quality in mind, our watches are the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts who crave exploration and adventure. With their exceptional durability and unparalleled performance, you can rely on your Luminox watch, regardless of the outdoor circumstances.

Master Carbon SEAL Automatic, 45 mm, Militäruhr - 3863


The most coveted watches from our collections: From classic designs to modern models - find the perfect timepiece for your style!

Luminox Navy SEAL Chronograph 3580 Serie, XS.3581.EY.F


Experience the perfect combination of style and functionality with our LLT watches; The dials are visible even on the darkest of nights.

Bear Grylls Survival ECO Serie


Clean oceans and a more sustainable future: show your commitment to the environment and proudly wear your #tide watch on your wrist.

Air Automatic Constellation, 42 mm, Pilotenuhr - 9607


Inspired by the legendary achievements of Lockheed Martin: Take your passion for aviation to a new level.

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Luminox watches can survive just about anything. With a water resistance of up to 300 meters and a light, robust and resistant CARBONOX™ or stainless steel case, these watches are built to accompany you even in the most extreme conditions. If Bear Grylls, the Navy SEALs, and ICE-SAR can survive with these watches, then so can you.

Luminox is honored to produce watches for the Navy SEALs, one of the most elite and respected military units.

Luminox x Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls is the face of the survival and outdoor scene. He doesn't do any of his daring excursions without a Luminox.

We are official partners of ICE-SAR (Search and Rescue) and proud to be part of their essential equipment.


Luminox is trusted by police, fire and other elite forces around the world. Luminox is known for its robustness, durability and visibility in all light conditions and is considered to be reliable under all circumstances.

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Specially designed to meet the needs of outdoor adventurers, these watches can withstand even the toughest conditions. From rugged mountain peaks to treacherous rapids, Luminox watches are the perfect companion for any adventure. Our timepieces are never just accessories, but always high-quality, robust precision devices that give their wearer self-confidence, drive and a daily dose of heroism.

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